How To Curl Your Hair

 How To Curl Your Hair


Have you ever wondered just how to create curls, beautiful curly hair tumbling down, over your feminine shoulders? And, to do it yourself, without paying those ridiculous amounts that hair salons charge you?

Well, here we have the answers. The solution to your beauty problem. Listen carefully and in-house expert Gracie Namia will explain the steps to you. It’s really quite simple.

The best way to curl your hair is something that Gracie has worked on and experimented with for many years. Let’s ask her right now how to go about it!

“How to curl your hair?”

Take a hair curling stick or hair curling wand. This can simply be a flexible, rubber stick with no heating element, or a slightly more expensive, electric wand that heats up after you plug it into a power point.

Personally, I get good results with a red rubber, flexible stick I can buy here in Hong Kong for just ten dollars. That’s not even two dollars when you compare it with local American prices. Isn’t it amazing how little it costs when you do something for yourself? You should try it. All you need to do is to get started. You’ll find some of these hair curling wands are sold locally near you, and also on


Getting Started:

I separate out a few strands of hair and wet them. I then wind them round the rubber curling stick, turning it evenly as I go. The water helps the hair to retain its curl. Next I take another few strands close to the first, and repeat the winding process …

You’ll become quite the expert at this after a little practice.

I use water as my setting agent because I know it won’t damage my hair at all. The primary disadvantage of using water for setting your curls, is that the curling effect will last for about two hours only. That’s enough for most social events. However, you can curl your hair using stronger setting chemicals, or simply use hair spray to retain the beautiful effect longer. It’s your decision and I don’t want to take that choice away from you.

An electrically heated wand can be used with dry hair. Do it in layers, starting from lower first, then the upper layer last. Remember to twirl the hair tightly around the heated wand, holding it with a heat protective glove, for about seven to eight seconds max. Let it fall and you have another tumbling, curly section. Repeat that with a nearby section of hair. Salons use these electric curling wands because they save time and, in the hands of a professional, they’re very quick and easy to obtain the desired effect with…..


Wavy hair products include the flexible rubber stick I personally use, the electric curling wand and the various permanent wave setting agents. Be sure that you understand the method you are going to use before you start out. A little preparation ahead of time will save many tears and heart ache later on. Prepare yourself well, by watching others do it. Always ask questions of those who possess more experience than you with one particular method or another of hair curling.

There are other types and names, like sponge curl hair rollers. This uses the damp or wet method. You need to roll the hair up tightly, using your curling wand, then hold it in place by bending the flexible stick so as to hold your curling work tight, while it dries. You can also dry it faster with an electric blow dryer.

Any type of hair clip can be tried to hold the curled hair in place, while it’s drying. The purpose of having a flexible, rubber curling stick, is to make the ‘holding’ job easier for you. You will find what works best for you. It depends on the method you use.

How to have great hair, involves finding a good method, then being patient as you apply it. Let it dry completely before releasing it. Then gently lift the beautiful, curly hair, flick it around and let it fall in a very natural looking display. I’m sure you’ll absolutely love your new curly hair!

How to keep curls in your hair may require a visit to a professional salon if you are looking for a permanent curl solution. I don’t want to recommend these pro methods because chemical setting agents are not something to mess with. I say this for your own protection. Just keeping you safe here and looking after your best interests and wellbeing. Let’s leave the permanent wave to the professionals.

How to make your hair straight again? If you haven’t been into setting chemicals, then simply a good shampoo and conditioner will return your hair to its natural sheen and appearance.

How to have straight hair is another question. There is a hair straightener tool made just for this purpose. It’s a heating device that you plug into the electric power supply. Once again, Amazon is a great place to see a range of items you can use for straightening your hair. Just as with curling wands, you can easily do-it-yourself with heated hair straighteners.

Thanks for reading. Please stay with us and check out the slide show and all other pages.

Love always and forever!

Feel Good Beauty

Gracie Namia.

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