Inner Beauty of Meditation

Radiate Inner Beauty Of Meditation

My heart is bursting with love for you. I want you to discover the unlimited inner beauty that you already do possess. I want you to find that innermost beauty and to let it shine like a radiant sun .. like a rainbow-flashing diamond star you might find on a crisp, clear night.

Your HEALTH in all ways is the key. So look after yourself. I do love you and care about you, after discovering an enormous reservoir of divine love within myself ~ more than I need so it pours out like a river in torrents now, sourced from deep meditation.

I’ve written several books about meditation and the remarkable health and beauty benefits you can derive from this ancient practice….so you can radiate your inner beauty. You already know that your emotional health is a large part of your womanly beauty. Let’s now extend that to your physical and spiritual health, in addition.

Always get an early night’s rest and plenty of sleep when you feel that your body needs it. There’s nothing worse than going through a work day, feeling exhausted and over-tired every moment. It’s hard to fake your energy level. You could lose your job. And avoid stress by tackling problems face on. Don’t take too long to resolve conflicts and difficulties. The feelings build up as you well know. Confront, talk it out calmly, intelligently, in a civilized style of conflict resolution.

So inner beauty reflects like a mirror out on to your world. Smile at people and be loving, harmonious and gentle. But speak your truth clearly and with a “no nonsense” attitude. You won’t be taken for a fool, when you’re well connected to your real inner feelings, thoughts, passions and ambitions. Someone who knows where she’s going!

I’d like to give you a complimentary copy of my e-Book, The Lotus Code

Inner beauty from meditation

Inner Beauty Of Meditation

, all about meditation and the many benefits that you’ll derive from meditation as you radiate your authentic inner beauty.

LOVE always and forever!

Feel Good Beauty Team

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  1. Remember to get your free copy of my acclaimed little e-Book, The Lotus Code. It is a widely accepted introduction to Meditation. It starts with a photo gallery and a talk about what The Buddha brought to this world, 2,500 years ago. So you’ll find it fascinating. There’s a clear outline of all the exact physiological and mental benefits you’ll receive by learning how to do relaxing, mindfulness meditation. Here’s the sign up and download link again for The Lotus Code, in case you missed it:

    Geoff Dodd
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    • Thanks for your positive feedback. I’ll be adding more articles and maybe a pic or two from our in-house exotic model. Hehe. Thanks again, Basil, my friend! Geoff

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